Impressionist Skyline Watercolor Of Manhattan At Sunset #567A


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Impressionist Skyline Watercolor Painting Of Manhattan Island At Sunset

Impressionist skyline #567A sunset watercolor cityscape painting by artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC with JPEG  & PDF scans.

Impressionist Skyline #567A

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Impressionist skyline of Manhatten.


  • Dusk

cityscape at sunset.


  • Tones

Purple tones in Impressionist Manhattan skyline watercolor.

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Impressionist Skyline #567A pen & ink watercolor with JPEG scans.



Manhattan Impressionist Skyline

by skyline artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC. This rendering of the Manhattan Island, New York, skyline is done at dusk just before the setting of the sun. The image of this great and powerful city takes us away from our usual thoughts of Manhattan as a place of towering skyscrapers and culture.

The beauty of this cityscape is that it brings you into the Manhattan at it’s busiest time and yet all is calm. The misty clouds mixed with the fading light of sunset bring out a beauty that is almost spell binding. This lovely skyline is very misty and evokes a dreamy world. The mood is friendly and invites you in.

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