Atlanta Downtown Skyline Pen & Ink Drawing At Night #821A


Scans for $19.
Atlanta skyline #821A night skyline pen & ink drawing.


Atlanta skyline pen & ink

Atlanta skyline #821A pen & ink drawing of downtown at night, which is for sale here, at discount with prints by artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA, SAIC, of Condren Galleries, a Fine Arts Gallery, offering JPEG & PDF prints. The focus of the drawing is on the center business district, or the downtown, of Atlanta. Because Atlanta skyline #821A is great, it’s prints are great!

Pen & ink drawing of downtown Atlanta skyline at night.
Downtown Atlanta Skyline Pen & Ink Drawing At Night

Atlanta skyline #821A

  • Atlanta Cityscape

This lovely cityscape of Atlanta skyline #821A is done at night.

Pen & Ink Drawing

  • Stylus Sketch

The time of day is the beginning of sunset which eases into twilight as time passes for Atlanta skyline #821A.


  • Evening

The time is night and the lights of the evening streets glow in the background for Atlanta skyline #821A.

Stephen F. Condren

  • Artist

Atlanta skyline #821A is an example of the outstanding artwork of Artist Stephen F. Condren.

Condren Galleries

  • Fine Arts Gallery

Atlanta skyline #821A is a fine example of artwork at Condren Galleries.

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Atlanta skyline #821A night skyline pen & ink drawing.


I have chosen a medium pen tip to produce the form of the buildings and the shade & shadows that make up the composition of the drawing. The drawing is completely done free-hand with no use of mechanical elements.

Time of day

The time of day is at night.


I have made drawing a work in contrast lines and lighting. I love the city of Atlanta and I so enjoy doing drawings and paintings of her so show how beautiful she is. The goal of any good drawing is to express the image at hand with a few lines as possible. Because the more lines you put down, the more risk that you run in getting the image cluttered. It is best to follow the advice of the famous architect, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, that “Less is more.”

Civil War

Because Atlanta is from the south, it has a deep and rich history that few others can match. She was built a beautiful city and rebuilt a beautiful city from the ashes of the Civil War. Now, more than ever, we as Americans need to look to Atlanta for answers to you heritage as a country. Most importantly, Atlanta is a city of education and culture.



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