Miami Downtown Skyline Pen & Ink Watercolor #580A


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Miami skyline #580A pen & ink drawing watercolor, which is a cityscape stylus sketch painting, is for sale at discount with prints by artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC, of Condren Galleries, a Fine Arts Gallery, offering JPEG & PDF scans.

Miami Skyline #580A

  • Cityscape

The skyline drawing of Miami.

Pen & Ink Drawing

  • Stylus Sketch

This pen & ink is in thin fine lines.


  • Paintings

The watercolor is in the blue tones.


  • JPEG & PDF Scans

JPEG & PDF files are image formats.

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Miami skyline #580A pen & ink watercolor with JPEG scans.


This view of Miami, Florida, offers a panoramic scene of the city. This view is from near Key Biscayne as can be seen from the northwest angle of the skyline. The watercolor is done with pen & ink, which nicely delineates the structures and the causeway that spans the channel. Pen & ink make for a fine tune to this watercolor because there is a lot of detail that cannot be picked up with a brush.

It is often good to incorporate line work in a watercolor when it comes to skylines and architectural themes because of the nature of the details. Architectural elements are best displayed when accurately details and in the case of a watercolor pen & ink does it best. However, it is important that the pen & ink compliment and not compete with the brushwork. Here you can see a nice use of the paintbrush to bring out the tone of each of the buildings.


The reflection of the city looks very good and gives depth to the subject. This time of day made for a good image of the reflection, whereas this is not always the case for the water can be off in color or too rough to show any kind of imagery. Now the water is so calm on this day that it almost looks like a mirror, which is unusual for a coastal city.


The causeway passing over the bay adds a certain support to the image and pulls it together and makes like an archer bow without the arrow. Also, the ink lines of this really bring the image of the roadway to a proper place in the scene for often roadways and bridges can be an obstruction to the skyline (Manhattan Island is a case in point), but that is not the case here. The bridge nicely completes the watercolor as a support element to the skyline.

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