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Shirtless Straight Cowboy #442Z

Male Beauty #446Z, with pen & ink drawings by artist Stephen F. Condren.

Shirtless Straight Cowboy #442Z, with pen & ink, and pencil figure drawings, by artist Stephen F. Condren, SAIC, BFA, of Condren Galleries.

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Shirtless Straight Cowboy

Sexy Herdsman

Ever more alluring than an overt hookup pose, because this drawing is all about being fully male. This fine young man is posing in such a manner that he is above the crowd, because his face is in shadow. His posture is exuding a fully sexy male showing off his glorious body, because he know is a magnet to women.

Pen & Ink Drawing Of Shirtless Straight Cowboy #442Z

Above is my pen & ink figure drawing of a cowboy basking in the light, because he is celebrating his youth. The shade and shadows fall upon his face and body with grace, complimenting is fine physique. He had no need to unzip his pants, or stair you down, because he is filled with confidence.

Pencil Figure Drawing Of A Gay Shirtless Cowboy

Below is my pencil drawing of a shirtless gay cowboy that is on the prowl to hookup, because his zipper is open, and his eye are right at you.

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Shirtless Straight Cowboy #442Z, with pen & ink figure drawings by artist Stephen F. Condren.

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