White Cliffs Of Dover #25A


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Cliffs of Dover #25A pen & ink seascape watercolor is popular because of it’s view of white bluffs, and the print is matted 11″x14″.

Cliffs of Dover #25A, is a is a pen & ink, watercolor seascape, which is for sale here.  Discount offered on prints by artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA, SAIC. Condren Galleries is a Fine Arts Gallery, offering JPEG & PDF scans. This is a fine watercolor of the White Cliffs of Dover on the English Channel. The watercolor is a study for the oil canvas that follows. Dover is close in proximity to Hastings, where William the Conquered fought and won at the Battle of Hastings. The subject of the lovely watercolor are the White Cliffs of Dover along the south shores of England. Because the bluffs vary in height they give a spectacular view. Because this is same for the coast of Normandy in France, where the land has given way over the centuries to make this wonderful land and sea formation.


This lovely cliffs or bluffs are about 300 fee tall and are made mostly of chalk. The chalk gives us a wonderful bright glow to the landscape, which makes it a delight to paint. The south shores of England offer this astonishing view that is clearly seen from the English Channel. The chalk bluffs have been admired by people from all over the world. Because, not far to the west is the city of Hastings, where William the Conqueror made is debut in 1066! The chalk gives brightness to the landscape, because it is luminous. The cliffs can be seen from miles away because of their luminosity. Along the coastline are many tourist boats to look at the mountains and shoreline. St. Margaret’s Bay is just east of this region because it offers a beautiful view of the bluffs. Because people like the chalk bluffs, they visit here often.


The color tones in the watercolor are pastel so as to compliment the chalk in cliffs. However, throughout the watercolor painting the theme of green is most dominant as it permeates the land, sea, and air. It is important to make sure that the color is an integral part of the drawing. To localize color will ruin the painting, thus the water is not just blue, but a mixture of yellow, green, and blue. The same holds true for the grass and sky. Local color is for children’s color books, and no more. Because most accomplished watercolor you will find that the colors are woven like the fabric of an oriental rug. There is an endless array of ways to weave colors into a painting. This fact holds true for oil painting as well.


Cliffs of Dover #25A pen & ink seascape watercolor overlooking the sea from a small cabin in the foreground.

Print mats for Condren Galleries.
Print mats for Condren Galleries.
Certificate of Authenticity for Condren Galleries.
Certificate of Authenticity for Condren Galleries.

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