San Francisco Trolley Car Passengers Pen & Ink #914A


Scans for $19.

Certificate of Authenticity.

BBB Complaint Free Award to Condren Galleries.


San Francisco trolley #914A pen & ink city scene drawing, which is for sale here, at discount with prints by artist Stephen F. Condren, SAIC, of Condren Galleries, a Fine Arts Gallery, offering JPEG & PDF prints.

In the view of a San Francisco, California, trolley car passengers we see the conductor in firm control of the instruments while to his right passengers are enjoying the ride. There was a lot of detail to take into account for this drawing and thus make adjustments to the drawing.

CAD Pen & ink drawing

For example the engineer is wearing a dark coat and at the same time he take a commanding position in the composition of the drawing, for me to have darkened his coat accordingly would have made his image far too dominate in the scene. Also, the interior of the ceiling of the trolley, this area is loaded with complex lighting. The drawing has to be worked carefully without losing the structure with too many cross-hated lines. Above all I wanted this drawing to poetic and show the event as a casual free moving event and not a CAD rendering.


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