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Watercolor House Portrait #279Z

Watercolor house portrait #279Z pen & ink drawing with prints by artist Stephen F. Condren at Condren Galleries.

This article is about watercolor house portrait #279Z, of a property sold by Broker Nano Engdahl of Baird & Warner, and written by artist and United States Navy Veteran, Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC, of Condren Galleries, a Fine Arts Gallery ~ the house portrait is done first as a pencil drawing and then a pen & ink, which comes with JPEG & PDF scans for making prints, note cards, and stationery. Congratulations Nano!

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Property Sold

310 Woodland Drive, Grayslake, IL 60030


Nano Engdahl

Real Estate Broker

Certified Staging Consultant-CSC

Pricing Strategy Advisor-PSA

Short Sale/Foreclosure Representative – SFR

Baird & Warner – Lake County Office

847-814-5543 direct

Pencil Drawing For Watercolor House Portrait #279Z

  • Clinker Stylus Sketch

The pencil drawing is first done for layout. As you can see in the image below, I have put the note in the right spot and moved the driveway light in a bit more so that it fits well with the landscape. I can look the whole thing over to make sure that the house properly fits in the composition. If you have changes to make this is the time to make them.

I particularly like the two oaks to the far right of the composition. The branches reach out over the top of the house with look really cool. Also, I like the fir tree on the front lawn next to the lamp light.

Pencil house portrait sketch by Stephen F. Condren
Pencil House Portrait Sketch

Pen & Ink Drawing

  • Stylus Sketch

The pen & ink drawing is where the rubber meets the road. You have to get it right the first time or you are dead! You cannot use “white out” to “fix” mistakes because the watercolor washes it away. So do it right!

Below you can see how I have gone over the lines of the pencil to keep the form the same. I do not trace the image, I merely draw with pen & ink over the pencil. The pencil sketch is a guide, sort of like a prompter at the opera house. Do not worry about making it perfect. The perfect lies in you drawing with the ink. Remember, I am drawing from the photograph not the sketch.

Pen & ink house portrait by artist and United States Navy Veteran Stephen F. Condren.
Pen & Ink House Portrait


  • Painting

The watercolor rendering is the last phase of the house portrait. You can easily see the work of the pen & ink below and now the fresh tones of color are applied. I have erased any of the salient pencil marks, like those on the note and part of the landscape. I like the pencil to compliment the work of art not compromise it.

Watercolor house portrait #279Z with pen & ink and prints by artist Stephen F. Condren at Condren Galleries.
Watercolor House Portrait


  • JPEG & PDF

Scans of house portrait #279Z are available in JPEG or PDF formats for making prints, note cards, or posters.

Condren Galleries Ltd. for watercolor house portrait #279Z

  • Fine Arts Gallery

Condren Galleries is pleased to have been to participate in the execution of watercolor house portrait #000Z.

Stephen F. Condren for watercolor house portrait #279Z

  • Artist

As an artist I have made watercolor house portrait #279Z a staple of my architectural rendering works.

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Watercolor house portrait #279Z pen & ink drawing with prints by artist Stephen F. Condren at Condren Galleries.

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