San Antonio Skyline Pen & Ink Watercolor #570A


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San Antonio Skyline Watercolor Painting Of Downtown Skyscrapers

San Antonio skyline #570A pen & ink watercolor cityscape by artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC with JPEG  & PDF scans. The thin lines produced from the pen & ink bring out the architectural details of the skyscrapers. The watercolor makes beautiful green and yellow tones for the field in the foreground. Because the sky is a mixture of both green and blue it stops the colors from being localized. Because of the color of the sky the fields below have a deeper richer tones. Most of all the yellow compliment the green.


Most importantly, the images of the skyscrapers can be readily understood upon looking at the painting. Because ochre yellow coloring gives richness to the earth tones below it makes the grass richer.

San Antonio Skyline #570A

  • Cityscape

The San Antonio skyline #570A is of a large cityscape is before us. San Antonio is on the roster of the 10 largest cities in the United States. Because this city keeps on growing it’s skyline will be on the rise as well.

Pen & Ink

  • Thin lines

The rendering is done in pen & ink making very thin lines to detail the buildings with.


  • Tones

This cityscape is a watercolor rendering of downtown with tones of ochre and brown in the fields.

JPEG & PDF Scans

  • Image formats.

JPEG & PDF files are image formats.

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San Antonio skyline #570A pen & ink watercolor with JPEG scans.



The Cityscape

San Antonio skyline #570A watercolor painting of downtown skyscrapers. With the Alamo the city of San Antonio, Texas, is rooted in American History. Yet, this great and thriving city is not just historical but alive. San Antonio is a fast paced growing metropolis. The splendid architectural detailing of the River Walk is a must see for anyone coming to this fair city.

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