Milwaukee Skyline Pen & Ink Sunset Watercolor #2672A


Scans for $19.

Certificate of Authenticity.

BBB Complaint Free Award to Condren Galleries.


Milwaukee skyline #2672A color pencil pen & ink watercolor cityscape painting at sunset, which is for sale here, at discount with prints by artist Stephen F. Condren, SAIC, of Condren Galleries, a Fine Arts Gallery, offering JPEG & PDF prints.

Key elements of this work of art are as follows:

Lake Michigan

Milwaukee skyline watercolor painting of Lake Michigan at sunset. This is a watercolor of the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sunset with a spectacular view of the luminous rays of the setting sun.  The sun’s rays reflected on the shimmering waters of Lake Michigan. The brilliant colors of red and crimson outline the contour of the skyline as these rich warm hues yield to the power of the sun in it’s radiant yellow that is going into the west. Along the banks of the lake to the left you can see the famous Milwaukee Art Museum that was designed by Santiago Calatrava. This painting is truly a beautiful way to remember this great American city.


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