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Watercolor House Portrait #262Z

Watercolor house portrait #262Z with pen & ink and pencil.

This is about Watercolor house portraits #262Z, pen & ink drawings, which contains two renderings done for Realtor Michael Gobber, President of Mainstreet Organization of Realtors, and written by artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC, of Condren Galleries, a Fine Arts Gallery. Congratulations Michael Gobber!

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Property Sold

1695 Jeffrey Avenue, Glendale Heights, IL 60139


Michael Gobber  GRI, ABR, CIPS, CNC, CSC

Managing Broker

Century 21 Affiliated – Westchester

Office: (708) 531-0800

Cell:    (708) 655-2552

2019 President – Mainstreet Organization of Realtors

2019 Board of Director – Illinois Realtors

2018 Federal Finance and Housing Policy Committee member – NAR

2019 Consumer Communications Committee member – NAR

2019 Profesional Standards Chairman – Illinois Realtors

Raised Ranch ~ Watercolor House Portrait #262Z

From the image above you can see that the style of architecture is the modern suburban raised ranch. The home is nicely situated on the lot and has nice juxtaposition on the city lot. On the right side is a Norway Maple with fall colors. The left side of the home is a neighboring house that I filled in with landscaping so as to keep the focus of the composition on the house. Most importantly, keep the colors fresh and clear. Do not mix the color up and lose clarity. Repeated brush strokes of watercolor only damages the work of art. Above all things, make the stroks light, quick, and clear to get the best result.

The color is a light green which compliments the landscaping. Because the maple is crimson, I carried the tones to other parts of the composition. Since ocher is a strong color, I made us of it with green so as to give a fresh look to the lawns and hedges.

Pen & Ink Drawing

At the very beginning of commencing a house portrait I do a pencil sketch of the subject and landscaping. From this I can determine the proper scale and proportions of the rendering. Because this is the beginning, it is really the most critical time in the whole process because everything in the house portrait is built upon this sketch, in much the same way a house is built upon a basement foundation.

As is the mandate of all Fine Art, I leave the pencil sketch on the paper and apply the pen & ink and watercolor over it. I do remove the pencil marks in salient places like the note at the bottom, or in some detailed ornament. T

Pen & ink house portrait by Stephen F. Condren
Pen & Ink House Portrait

As you can see in the image above, the pencil notes can be clearly seen under the ink that show the note and address of the house. After I had finished inking the rendering I erased the pencil note. however, I did not erase the pencil drawing underneath the rendering. If you look at the watercolor carefully, you can see the pencil lines in the trees and bushes. Because working with pen & ink is very demanding, it is prudent to you pencil sketches to start with.

MLS Photos

Most often I work with the MLS links that are provide to me from the Realtor. The images that I prefer most are the winter scenes. This is because I can see everything. Often times there are cupolas or other ornaments that the sellers loves and cherishes but are hidden from view due to trees and bushes. Often there are several image to choose from to get the best view of the house.


Most importantly, I have made it my policy to provide the scan of the house portrait as a free gift and token of appreciation for doing business with me. A very important feature of the scan is that it enable the hold of the scan to make an endless array of printed housewarming gifts for after closing. Because you can attach a scan to any email, you can simply email it. Simply email the scan to any print shop of your choice and they can make note cards, stationery, and calendars, the possibilities are endless.

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Watercolor house portrait #262Z with pen & ink and pencil.

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