Tampa Skyline Pen & Ink Watercolor #585A


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Tampa skyline #585A pen & ink drawing watercolor, which is a cityscape stylus sketch painting, is for sale at discount with prints by artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC, of Condren Galleries, a Fine Arts Gallery, offering JPEG & PDF scans.


This Tampa skyline watercolor painting of downtown is on the coast and causeways. This image of the Tampa, Florida, skyline shows the major buildings that make up the downtown area. The reflection in the bay nicely compliments the looming office towers as they peer over the causeways.

Tampa has seen an incredible building boom in the last few decades. This boom is reflected in the development of the city’s economy. Tampa is a rich city with many wonderful place to both live and work. Being a city located on the Gulf of Mexico is a wonderful attraction for tourist from all over the Untied States.

Florida Architecture

The watercolor here shows the smooth lines of the office buildings. There has been attention paid to the contour lines of the buildings, which offer a sleek crisp look. There is pen & ink used in this watercolor to accent the fine lines of the office towers.  Therefore, the colors of the buildings are very characteristic of local life.

The water in the bay is so still that it reflects the image of the skyline as though it were a sheet of glass. I was tempted to ruffle the water a bit to make it look “natural”.  However, instead I followed through with how the scene actually was.

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Tampa skyline #585A pen & ink cityscape watercolor reflecting in the water of the bay.

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