Scans for image transfers


20% Off when you order 2 or more scans ~ any assortment! Coupon code 20. Include print number (#). 312-303-0207 ~

Note Cards, Stationary, T-shirts, Convention binders, Trade shows, Booklets, Binders, Posters, Real Estate.


Note cards and prints of famous city skylines by artist Stephen F. Condren.
Note cards and prints of famous city skylines.

Matted watercolor house portraits with note cards in boxes.
House portraits with note cards in boxes.

Note cards of city skylines.
Note cards of city skylines.

Making house portrait note cards at home on your computer and printer.
Note cards from a house portrait scan.

Scans for trade shows and convention materials
Scans For Image Transfers For Trade Show & Convention Materials

Original Scans

Scans for image and art transfers used for advertising specialties and mass reproduction. Scans of the original artworks are available starting at $99.

Be sure to include the SKU number (the number right after the title) with your order.

Scans are need to transfer images for mass reproductions such as T-shirts, prints, note pads, binders, pamphlets, booklets, seminars, conventions, and many other advertising specialties. The scans are permanent and you can always bring them out of your file to use again and again at a later date with no extra cost.

Also, the convenience of linking the images to your Website and social media expand your promotional potentials.

The scans are free of any watermarks and are “camera ready art”. For this reason the images that come from the scans are fresh and not a copy of a copy ~ this is like possessing the original. Upon purchase of the scan you will have full legal right to make unlimited reproductions of the image on that scan. 

Please contact me for any questions.

Stephen F. Condren



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