Orlando Downtown Skyline Pen & Ink Watercolor #595A


Scans for $19.


Orlando skyline #595A pen & ink watercolor, which is a cityscape stylus sketch painting, is for sale at discount with prints by artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC, of Condren Galleries, a Fine Arts Gallery, offering JPEG & PDF scans.

Orland Skyline #595A

  • Cityscape

Orland skyline is a sketch of a large cityscape rendering.

Pen & Ink

  • Thin lines

Pen & ink black thin lines are used for detailing the architecture of Orlando.


  • Tones

Greens and blues are the most dominant tones used for the Orlando skyline.

JPEG & PDF Scans

  • Image formats.

JPEG & PDF files are image formats.

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Orlando Skyline #595A pen & ink watercolor with JPEG scans.

Sear Tower


Key elements of this work of art are as follows:


Orlando, Florida, is famous throughout the world for Walt Disney World, The Epcot Center, and Universal Studios; however, many people do not know that this great central Florida city is also a major economic hub as well.

Many of the famous theme parks lay to the southern end of Orlando and in the city of Kissimmee, which is adjacent to it. But if you travel north you will see in the distance a wonderful skyline that is one of Florida’s largest. This skyline is a testament to the vigor and grow that has come to Orlando over the past decades and since the establishment of Walt Disney World.

The watercolor here is looking from the north over the lush greenery that is so typical of Florida. The colors of the buildings are like many in Florida with soft tones and fine lines. The office buildings are new for the most part and have a crisp clean look about them. I have done this watercolor in the afternoon when the sun is starting to ease down as you can see from the lighter tones on the right sides of the buildings. There is a green tone that I have place in the sky to compliment the green at the bottom of the watercolor. There is no large body of water here in Orlando with is so often the case when you are dealing with Florida cityscapes but that does not diminish the beauty of this skyline in any way whatsoever.


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