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Chicago Skyline Pen & Ink Drawing At Night #744A

Chicago skyline pen & ink drawing at night.

The original and prints of Chicago Skyline #744A are here.

This drawing has given me great pleasure in that gave me many unexpected twists and turns on the road but I never fell into the ditch! The drawing takes place at night and the sun is setting from behind the John Hancock Center (west). Thus, I have the surround sky gradually darken as it moves away from the sun.

In reality the buildings are very dark as well as most of the shoreline. However, to darken everything would give no meaning to the drawing. So I took the liberty to keep the building light so as to radiate light. I did keep the landscape dark to support the skyscrapers above.

The waters of Lake Michigan are not really dark as water carries illumination very well. The cross-hatching of the sky reminds me very much of a Rembrandt. He did an etching of the Holy Family but it is even darker!

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Chicago Skyline Pen & Ink #743A

Chicago skyline pen & ink drawing with sail boats.

The original and prints of Chicago Skyline Pen & Ink #743 are available here.

This pen & ink is by artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC. The scene is from Lake Michigan looking at a glorious windjammer sailing by the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse. In the background Chicago Navy Pier can be seen under the towering figures of the Chicago skyline just behind. The setting of the pen & ink drawing is on the shores of Lake Michigan.

To the right of the windjammer is the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse. Behind the lighthouse you can see Chicago Navy Pier. The backdrop of the rendering is the world famous Chicago skyline. The focal point of the skyline is the 100 story John Hancock Center which is in a cluster of other very tall buildings.

To the far left the image of Lake Point Tower can be seen as a sort of book stop that holds up the left side of the drawing. The glory of the drawing is the wonderful windjammer moving across the waters of Lake Michigan.

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Chicago Skyline Pen & Ink #742A

Chicago skyline pen & ink drawing from Lincoln Park.

The original and prints of Chicago skyline #742A can be purchased here.

Chicago Skyline #742 is by skyline artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA, SAIC. The view is taken from Lincoln Park across the pond from the Lincoln Park Zoo. The line work here is clean and clear. I have made it my goal to grasp the images of the skyline in terms of pure for and not attempting to replicate the buildings.

The buildings form a bar code of the city and that is how I want to express this imagery. Together with the landscape and pond the image is strong and tells you everything that you want to know about the scene without demanding to see every detail.

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Chicago Skyline Pen & Ink Of Loop At Night #856A

Chicago skyline pen & ink drawing of the Loop by Condren.

The original and prints of this drawing can be ordered here.

This is a pen & ink drawing of the Chicago Loop at night time. The main focus of this pen & ink drawing is to capture the feeling of the city at night. This is done by permitting the glow of the light from the streets to show. The night time sky is effectively captured by the cross-hatching lines of ink.

Chicago Skyline Of Near North Side
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Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Church Pen & Ink #143A

Live pencil drawing of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church.

The original and prints of this drawing can be purchased here.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church is located on Belmont Street in the Lakeview community of Chicago. This church is precious to me in that it is the church that my parents were married in.

I sat on my stool and drew this picture live before Sunday evening service for AGLO Chicago, where I serve as an acolyte.

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Downtown Chicago Skyline Pen & Ink Drawing #741A

Downtown Chicago skyline pen & ink drawing by Condren.

Prints of this drawing can be purchased at:

Downtown Chicago skyline pen & ink is a close-up view of a dense area of corporate architecture. The northwest corner of the famous “Chicago Loop” has a sharp 90 degree curve.

Key elements:

Focus has been on the shade and shadows created by the structures rather than the architectural detailing. The line work is fresh and loose permitting the viewer to focus on the drawing. putting emphasize on tight delineation will defeat the purpose of the drawing.

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Dallas Skyline Oil #2876A

Dallas skyline oil painting at dusk by Stephen F. Condren.

This oil can be viewed at:

It is not often that I produce skylines in oil. However, this wonderful scene of this great and fair city has taken my attention. I have rendered the scene in pen & ink, color pencil, and watercolor. Now it was my turn at oils.

The vastness of the sky and the power of the clouds above have strength to the composition of the painting. Many of the noted building of the city can be seen as well as Reunion Tower to the very far right.

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Atlanta Skyline Pen & Ink #821A

Pen & ink drawing of downtown Atlanta skyline at night.

The original and prints of Atlanta Skyline Pen & Ink #821 are here.

This pen & ink drawing of downtown Atlanta is take from Buckhead. The use of cross-hatching was done without intensity. The lines are clean and clear letting the viewer take in all the details of the buildings.


Atlanta Skyline Art
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St. Anselm Church Chicago Multi-Cultural Mass 10/28/2018

St. Anselm's Church in Chicago

Multi-Cultural Mass

Multi-cultural mass at St. Anselm’s Roman Catholic Church in Chicago. Today Father Bob Kelly, SVD, Pastor of St. Anselm’s Church in Chicago, celebrated a very memorable Multi-Cultural Mass. I was honored with an invitation to this gracious event and I am pleased to say that it only enriched my life. All day long I have been humming with joy the grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of Father Kelly.

Below is a link to images of this outstanding and enriching mass.

St. Anselm's Church in Chicago


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House Portrait Watercolor #8/20/2018A

House portrait watercolor #8/20/2018

House portrait watercolor #8/20/2018A

House portrait watercolor #8/20/2018A by Architectural Illustrator & Artist Stephen F. Condren, BFA-SAIC.

Sold by

Norm Gann
Real Estate Broker
Charles Rutenberg Realty
3135 Book Road
Naperville, IL 60564
262-909-9593 Direct/Text


Delineation for the watercolor is less than normal due to the fact that the entrance is located on the side rather than the front of the house. With this side entry the landscaping is closer to the structure than from the street side. Thus, the tress are closer to the entry and this can be clearly seen in the watercolor. The pink flamingo was a request of Mr. Gann to give joy to his client.

Hatching & Cross-hatching

Hatching was done on the eaves of the home along the roof line.

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