Loeb Mansion From Leopold-Loeb #5000A


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Loeb Mansion From Leopold-Loeb #5000A


Loeb Mansion Drawing From Leopold-Loeb Murder Case ~ SKU# 5000

Loeb mansion drawing from the Leopold-Loeb murder case in Chicago. These Tudor style architectural renderings are of the home of Richard Loeb from the famous Clarence Darrow murder trial of 1924 in Chicago. The mansion was raised in spring of 1972 and has been preserved in art by my architectural rendering of it. The mansion was located at 5017 S. Ellis Avenue, in the exclusive Kenwood district of Chicago. These famous architectural renderings are now hanging in the permanent collection of the Chicago History Museum.

Key elements to understanding the pencil drawing are below


  1. Line work
  2. Elevation
  3. Tudor architecture


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